We support Activiti Camunda and Flowable because they are the best on the market

There are many open source BPM tools, but the most popular are Activiti Camunda and Flowable. All tools grow from one project and are similar to each other, but for some time their paths have clearly started to diverge. The BeOne team has extensive experience in implementing all three solutions and supports their integration with the Alfresco platform. Using our knowledge and participation in open source communities, we are able to match the right solution to your needs without the risk of a wrong choice and with our full support.

Alfresco Community as ECM

Alfresco Community is a powerful document repository that allows you to manage documents, manage permissions, manage access, document versioning and data lists.

Activiti Flowable Camunda

Activiti Flowable and Camunda with BeOne extensions are BPM engines that enable the design and implementation of workflow processes with full integration within the Alfresco Community platform.