System upgrade

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It is recommended to update the Alfresco platform to the latest version to take full advantage of the functionalities that are systematically introduced by the manufacturer. In the case of extensive systems with many changes introduced to adapt the service to the individual needs of the enterprise, an audit is recommended before updating the Alfresco platform, which will indicate all areas requiring special attention when introducing a new version. In cooperation with persons responsible for given areas, individual solutions introduced to the system should be indicated and the manner of their implementation should be determined in order to prepare the transfer of solutions to the new version. When preparing for the upgrade, it is important to check integration with other systems to maintain data integrity and communication within the enterprise structure. On the occasion of the work carried out, it is possible to verify errors that have not been fixed so far – some of the problematic functionalities may have been corrected in subsequent versions of the system. Revision of both business and technical processes enables the introduction of improvements and elimination of sources of difficulties.