Frontend for electronic documents in ECM

BeOne is a specialist in Alfresco ECM system implementations and building innovative applications to improve document and process management, and has been developing the latest and most advanced frontends for electronic documents in ECM available on the market for many years. BeOne specializes in providing end-to-end solutions, and each project is customized to meet the individual needs of the client, including tremendous configuration capabilities and personalization of the schedule and infrastructure.

Innovative Frontend Implementation Process

Our frontend implementation process begins with creative UI design using Figma tool, allowing the client to fully visualize the layout and features. Then, using an advanced frontend based on the Alfresco Development Framework (ADF), we create a responsive interface that meets the highest usability standards. Each stage includes usability and functionality testing, ensuring that the design is intuitive and meets user expectations.

Technologies Used for Best Effect

Our innovative frontend is based on the Alfresco Development Framework (ADF), using the power of Angular and ensuring responsiveness and intuitiveness. Document processing is done using Spring Boot with WebFlux, enabling us to build powerful and scalable reactive applications.

Key Features of Applications with Alfresco Development Framework

  • Advanced User Interface: Our app offers a responsive user interface with predefined components, providing excellent usability on various devices.
  • Integration with ECM: Smooth integration with Alfresco enables effective digital content management, including content search, access control, document workflow and more.
  • Customization and Extensibility: ADF allows the application to be easily customized to meet specific business requirements through custom components and third-party integrations.
  • Collaboration and Communication: The application supports collaboration features such as document sharing, comments, notifications and chats, facilitating communication within teams.
  • Security and Compliance: Applied security measures, privilege management and auditing, ensure data security as required by laws and regulations.
  • Easy Integration: ADF enables easy integration with other systems through a REST API, ensuring data and process consistency.

Comprehensive Forms

The frontend provided by BeOne also offers comprehensive functions for forms, which can significantly enhance the frontend application’s document management capabilities. With advanced data validation and encryption features, they provide secure processing of sensitive information within the application. The dynamic nature of forms improves user interactions, resulting in a friendlier experience. Additionally, they optimize data flows and increase overall productivity in applications focused on document management.

Project Execution Plan and Required Assumptions

Project execution includes collaboration between teams of specialists, iterative production sprints, and comprehensive UAT testing to ensure quality and no critical errors. With ADF’s flexible approach and modular architecture, the project can be adapted to changing needs and market requirements.

Unique Project, Customized Solutions

All of our projects are unique, as are our clients’ needs. That’s why we tailor the schedule and infrastructure for each project to meet individual customer requirements. We are flexible and ready to adapt to unique business challenges, ensuring that our solutions are optimally tailored to the specifics of the project.

Discover the potential of our ECM frontend – innovative, secure and ready for the challenges of modern document and process management!