Alfresco Community Edition developer training


  • Possibilities to run the Alfresco environment,
  • Alfresco Container Images,
  • What is included in Alfresco services,
  • Deployment prerequisites,
  • Deploy using Docker Compose.


  • Configuration overview,
  • Configure subsystems,
  • Configuring databases,
  • Configuring the repository,
  • Configuring the servers,
  • Configure e-mail,
  • Configure email templates,
  • Configuring LibreOffice,
  • Configuring ActiveMQ,
  • Configuring Smart Folders,
  • Content modeling.


  • Using the Admin Console,
  • Management of Alfresco Share features,
  • User and group management,
  • Configure authentication and security,
  • Configure clustering,
  • Set up multi-company,
  • Creating and managing workflows,
  • Transformation management,
  • Configuring content stores,
  • Importing and transferring files,
  • Data migration to Alfresco,
  • Application monitoring,
  • Backup and Restore,
  • Auditing,
  • Heartbeat function.

Creating apps and extensions

  • Alfresco Content Services architecture for the developer,
  • APIs available for Alfresco and when to use them,
  • Creating client applications based on Alfresco REST API,
  • Extending the Alfresco platform,
  • Preparation of Alfresco integration,
  • Creating extensions using JavaScript and FreeMarker,
  • Creating a dedicated REST API for Alfresco,
  • How to distribute and apply extensions,
  • How to write new services in Java and check which APIs are supported,
  • Configuration and customization of Alfresco Share,
  • Adding extensions to Alfresco Share.