Developers training Activiti/Flowable/Camunda

Training for programmers on the use and development of the Activity/Flowable/Camunda system. The training takes place remotely and lasts 2 days. The framework training plan includes the following points:

Preparation of the environment:

  • Installation requirements,
  • Container overview,
  • Kubernetes configuration,
  • Ingress Controller installation,
  • Helm Charts preparation,
  • Sample application configuration,
  • Application deploy,
  • Users and groups verification,
  • Process Modeler,
  • Configuration testing.

Preparation and starting the proces:

  • Process modeling,
  • Creating a runtime for the process,
  • An example of a BPMN 2.0 XML process definition,
  • An example of a CMMN definition,
  • Creating Cloud Connector,
  • Deploy Cloud Connector,
  • Process testing,
  • Expansion of the runtime environment.