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Complete document management
and processes in the company

Nuxeo and Alfresco Community are the largest ECM platforms under the LGPL open license. Nuxeo and Alfresco Community are excellent performance for large volumes of documents. In combination with the BPM engine Activiti/Flowable/Camunda, Nuxeo and Alfresco Community it is a complete management of documents and processes in the company.

Dynamic development

Nuxeo or Alfresco Community in combination with BPM Activiti/Flowable/Camunda is widely used around the world as one of the most efficient document management and workflow systems, and above all, easy to configure and open.

Nuxeo or Alfresco Community means no license costs, dynamic development and certainty of implementing a proven solution. Large customers choose the Alfresco/Nuxeo solution because the openness of the system guarantees its continuous development and minimizes the risk of implementing a system that will no longer be supported globally.


Become part of BeOne, gain new experience and broaden your professional horizons by working with us in global projects.

What do our clients say about us?


Managing partner of accounting outsourcing

The Alfresco system was very well received by employees and customers. Currently, further processes and functionalities are being launched within the system.


Project Manager of Santander Consumer Bank

I recommend BeOne Sp. z o. o. as a professional company with human and technological resources enabling the implementation of projects in accordance with the client’s requirements.


Head of the IT department of BSS S.A.

As a result of the project implementation, the assumed goals and benefits were achieved, and all processes were carried out in a transparent manner for the user.

ING Życie

POC Project Coordinator, IT Architect

Our experience so far allows us to recommend BeOne as professional, trustworthy and flexible enough to be a reliable partner in projects related to the implementation of the Alfresco platform.


Director of the Central Finance Department

The Alfresco system currently plays an important role in the sales document circulation process. The system was very well received by employees. Currently, the system meets further needs of our organization.

Kontakt Simon

Systems administrator

Thanks to cooperation with BeOne, we can fully use the capabilities of the Alfresco system in our organization.

They trusted us

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