Pre-implementation analyses

Pre-implementation analysis is an essential element of the new software implementation process. Gathering information about the customer’s needs and requirements allows for effective adjustment of the system’s functionality to a given organization.

System audits

A systems audit can help resolve performance or integration issues between systems. It allows you to identify areas that require increased attention.

System upgrade

Updating the Alfresco platform to a higher version allows you to use the latest functionalities.

Reviving failed implementations

Many implemented open ECM or BPM systems cause more problems than benefits. This is most often due to the lack of competences or resources of the implementing company, in such situations we can help and take care of your implementation.

Frontend implementation

Our frontend offers modern design and ease of use. With the latest web technologies, we provide a responsive user experience. We focus on providing effective interfaces for searching and viewing documents within the ECM system.

Case Studies

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Correspondence Workflow (incoming and outgoing documents) in The Medical Company
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Workflow invoice processing in production company
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BPO Sector – Implementation of Alfresco Community in Outsourcing Center