Management of contracts and management documents

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Workflow process, repository and archive – in addition to the standard daily support of users’ work, it can also be a tool to support and facilitate the work of Board members. Alfresco’s platform provides a number of solutions to streamline and facilitate work, below you will learn more about the most important ones.

  • Manage Documents with Precision: Our system offers a convenient display of documents, broken down into different types, making it easy to quickly find the information you need. With a permissions system, users have control over access, ensuring data security.
  • Filter, Sort and Export Data: We provide flexible data filtering and sorting tools to quickly find the information you need. In addition, the ability to export data to an XLS file allows for convenient off-system processing.
  • Cyclic Ongoing Reports: With the ability to define cyclic reports, records management becomes even more efficient, allowing you to monitor key indicators and events on an ongoing basis.
  • Create and Edit Contracts with Flexibility: Our system allows you to add, create and edit contracts depending on user privileges. This makes contract management more efficient and flexible.
  • Automate Document Filling: Using predefined forms and preset validations, the system automatically fills in documents, which significantly speeds up the process of creating and updating documents.
  • Labels for Easier Searching: The ability to add text labels to documents makes it easier to quickly search and categorize documentation.
  • Full-Text Search with OCR Assistance: With OCR technology, the content of documents can be processed, allowing full-text search of contracts based on their content, further improving document management.
  • Import and Manage Document History: Our system allows you to import documents from other systems and maintain document processing history, giving you full control over your records.
  • Electronic Document Signing: With electronic document signing, the signing process becomes faster and more efficient, eliminating the need to print and scan documents.
  • Integrations with Other Systems: With its open architecture, Alfresco offers many built-in integrations, including Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, email, Azure Active Directory, DocuSign for transferring documents to Alfresco.
  • Supporting Voting on Resolutions: The system provides voting capabilities that reduce meeting time, provide clear information on the stage of each resolution, and support report generation. Examples of responses available during voting include “vote for,” “vote against,” “abstain,” and “I request consideration at the meeting.” Depending on the needs, the responses can be visible to all authorized persons or made secret.