EDMS on Alfresco platform

In response to the dynamic development of companies and organizations that require effective tools to manage documentation and business processes, we present an innovative Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), integrated with the renowned Alfresco platform. EDMS is a comprehensive solution that not only improves the daily work in law offices, but also perfectly supports the processes of decrement of letters, case management and archiving of documentation.

Key features of our EDMS:

  • Capability to work simultaneously on numerous workstations, provides flexibility and efficiency for large teams of employees, enabling them to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Handling of a large number of both incoming and outgoing documents, which allows efficient correspondence management at different organizational levels.
  • Controlled access to individual modules and processes by assigning permissions by the system administrator, which ensures data security and allows customization of the work interface to the specific needs of individual users.
  • Ability to dynamically expand with additional modules, making it possible for organizations to adapt the system to changing business needs and requirements. Integration with key systems, such as ePUAP, e-Delivery or Post Office systems (e.g. ePO), increases operational efficiency and enables consistency in information exchange.
  • The use of qualified electronic signatures and the ability to sign documents in the form of paraphrase, acceptance and approval, guarantees security and compliance with current regulations.
  • Construction of the system on an open, free license, which not only eliminates licensing costs, but also allows efficient further expansion and modification, which is important in the context of long-term development and adaptation of the system to evolving needs.
  • Recording operations in the system in a way that identifies the user and the type of operation in the timeline. The system also generates automatic email notifications, which supports the efficiency of operations, especially in the context of decrements, deadlines and approval processes.
  • Completely meeting the IT security standard, the EDMS ensures confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, accountability and non-repudiation of data. The BPM business process modeling engine further enables organizations to effectively manage and optimize processes within the system.

Support for the Chancellery, Chancellery Points and the Secretariat

The Support of the Chancellery, Chancellery Points and the Secretariat module is an advanced part of the EDMS, which automates the registration of incoming mail from various sources, enables the creation of a database of addressees, as well as the effective management of outgoing correspondence. Thanks to the chronological typesetting function, the system allows documents to be organized according to the time of receipt, while advanced scanning capabilities and integration with various scanners facilitate the handling of paper documents. In addition, the module allows you to record emails sent outside the system, providing comprehensive control over the organization’s correspondence. Integrated tools, such as printing acknowledgments and marking documents with barcodes, make the module an indispensable support for the efficient handling of mailrooms and mailroom points, reducing operation time and increasing overall efficiency.

Decretization of letters

Decretation of letters is an advanced functionality of the EDMS that enables effective decreeing of incoming letters in the organization. The system allows dynamic decrementing by the Chancellery and further decrementing by authorized persons. The collective decrement function facilitates grouping of shipments, and the system ensures checking to whom a particular shipment has been decremented. The system also allows reversal or modification of a decree by the decreeing party only, with the need for justification, and access to the decreeing history, which makes it easier to track changes and decisions made. This reduces decision-making time and increases the efficiency of letter management in the organization.

Case management

The case management module is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the management of the process of creating, categorizing and maintaining cases in an organization. The system allows the flexible introduction of the Uniform Nominative List of Records (JRWA) and the establishment of cases based on various sources, such as external mail or internal correspondence. Users have the ability to assign case numbers automatically or manually, manage archive categories dynamically and transfer documents flexibly. The system also allows the grouping of documents, and functions such as reassignment, deletion of the case mark or determination of status further facilitate the process of handling cases. In terms of document preparation, the system allows the creation of letters using templates, the addition of documents from the local disk and the versioning of created documents. Case Managment integrates processes, reducing operation time and increasing the overall efficiency of document management.

Document Archiving

Document Archiving is a functionality that enables the creation of archival packages and their transfer, for example, to the National Archives. Thanks to this module, system users can effectively manage document archiving, creating consistent packages, ready for transfer to the archive. This tool focuses on simplifying the archiving process, resulting in better organization and seamless transfer of documentation to the relevant institutions.

System training

BeOne provides professional training on the use of the EDMS. The trainings are organized in an efficient and clear manner ensuring that all users are able to acquire the necessary skills to effectively use each element of the system. In addition, extensive training materials are provided to support users as they use the EDMS, enabling them to maximize the potential of the features offered.

Implementation schedule and technical requirements

We meet the unique needs of each client by offering a personalized EMDS implementation schedule and customized technical requirements. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the specifics of each organization, which allows us to tailor the system to meet specific expectations and business objectives. As a result, your organization not only receives a ready-made solution, but also participates in the process of creating and shaping the system according to its own preferences.

Together with us, introduce not only a modern tool to your organization, but also experience a dynamic implementation process that is tailored to your needs. Our personalized approach not only eliminates unnecessary costs and time constraints, but also ensures that the EMDS becomes an integral part of your day-to-day operations, helping to make your organization more effective and efficient. We offer not only modern solutions, but also a partnership based on understanding and a shared commitment to success.