Correspondence Workflow (incoming and outgoing documents) in The Medical Company

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Thanks to the implementation of the electronic circulation of correspondence on the Alfresco Community platform, a company from the medical services industry organized the circulation of documents received by the organization in several dozen branches of the company.

Implementation of the system to handle the circulation of correspondence significantly increases the efficiency of communication. All incoming correspondence can be scanned and automatically distributed within the organization. E-mail correspondence is registered and unnecessary attachments are removed. Contact database management and electronic mailboxes with the option of linking documents with cases provide a full picture of the status of cases and the flow of correspondence.

All correspondence addressed to the organization in the form of letters, faxes, e-mails can be scanned/registered and classified according to its content. In order to eliminate paper documents and speed up searches, the system supports barcodes and full-text content recognition. The system provides constant access to archival correspondence in electronic form and allows you to find a document in a paper archive.

Electronic assignment of correspondence to individual persons or teams enables an immediate reaction to the received information and taking appropriate actions in accordance with the adopted processes. Automatically monitored circulation of correspondence and tracking the status of settling cases as well as control of meeting deadlines have a very positive effect on relations with business partners and business continuity.

Benefits of implementing an electronic correspondence flow:

  • Acceleration of business processes,
  • A clear process for getting things done,
  • Guarantee of access to information only for designated persons,
  • Faster mail delivery,
  • Elimination of duplicate documents,
  • Having a single document repository in the organization where all documents coming to the company are stored.