Support for quality management processes

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Incompatibility handling and corrective action proces

The Alfresco platform allows you to build a process of reporting and handling non-compliances and controlling the implementation of corrective actions. A detected non-compliance – error, failure, accident, can be reported by an employee or an auditor. The application form can be adapted to the needs of the organization. The process of analysis and description of the causes of non-compliance and indicated corrective actions are recorded in relation to the report. All information about the process is visible in the application.

The person responsible for the company’s quality management system has the option of sending a task to be performed or making a decision to cease operations. The application flow process, possible approvals and stages are agreed with the client during the pre-implementation analysis. The quality management module is individually adapted to the rules prevailing in the company.

Planned corrective or preventive actions can be assigned to specific people, and their progress is recorded in the Alfresco module. Notifications are available for overdue tasks. A task verification and acceptance path is built, which allows you to check their correctness and timeliness. In addition, the system can schedule an assessment of the effectiveness of the implemented corrective actions. Recorded discrepancies can be made in a raport.

Quality documentation management and audits

The Alfresco platform can be a repository of documents such as procedures or instructions. When creating documentation, versioning is used, which allows you to control changes made to procedures. It is possible to generate templates and versions for different units in the enterprise. New procedures can be accepted, and then information is sent to the relevant employees about the need to familiarize themselves with the procedure. The system generates a report with a list of people who have read and accepted the procedures. For a set of current procedures and instructions, you can generate a package of documents that is ready to be sent as an attachment. The document management module in Alfresco also offers the functionality of a document control schedule, with reminders and feedback stored in the relevant registers.

The system enables the creation of annual audit schedules. Editing such a document may be limited to the person responsible for the company’s quality management system. With each audit, you can perform a number of activities – appoint auditors, define scopes, collect the necessary consents and prepare documentation.