The Alfresco platform provides extensive tools to support the work of the office in the enterprise. It supports work and facilitates communication.

Correspondence service

Handling incoming and outgoing correspondence streamlines work in the company and prevents unjustified costs.

Support for HR processes

An advanced tool supporting the daily work of HR, payroll and management departments.

Support for quality management processes

An extensive system of processes useful in internal audits.

Archiving support

A tool supporting the archiving of documents in the enterprise.

Handling the delegation process

A tool that facilitates the approval flow process for business trips and speeds up the settlement of business trips.


E-procurement can bring many benefits, such as reducing purchase costs, accelerating purchasing processes, increasing efficiency and transparency, as well as better control and management of purchasing risk.

Document transformations

The Alfresco platform allows you to define templates and generate documents based on them.

Claims handling

Complaint handling is one of the many uses of the Alfresco platform and depends on the specific configuration and customization of users.

Document flow automation

Document flow automation on the Alfresco platform effectively improves the quality of work and streamlines business processes.

Management of contracts and management documents

The ability to vote on board resolutions on the Alfresco platform and access to the document repository greatly facilitates the work of board members.

Application processing

Application processing on the Alfresco platform is the process by which documents related to the application go through a predefined approval flow path.