Support for HR processes

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Work time scheduling

An extensive module that allows you to create work schedules for employees employed under an employment contract, mandate contract and contracts, also in the case of work division between different positions or workstations. It takes into account the employee’s preferences in terms of hours and days of unavailability, also in cyclical terms, suggested start and end times of work. The module contains a number of rules related to working time planning, resulting from labor law or specific requirements of given organizational units (e.g. doctors, pharmacies). The application of the rules is editable in terms of effective dates, scope of employees or organizational units. The view of the schedule printout is adapted to the needs of a given unit.

Working time records

The module allows you to track and complete working time records. It is possible to add additional reminders (e.g. at the end of the month) and space for additional information, if there is a need to note the activities performed by the employee. The module can be integrated with a terminal recording the entry and exit of employees from the workplace. In the case of changes in the schedule, they are visible to the employee and entered into the records. In order to settle working time, it is possible to introduce acceptance paths and prepare necessary reports (e.g. to control overtime limits).

Settlement of overtime

The module allows an employee to submit an application for overtime hours. The system can take into account various types of settlements, e.g. leave at the employee’s request, remuneration, day off to be used. The overtime pool is updated on an ongoing basis based on the working time records. Claims can be edited, canceled and submitted directly by the supervisor. Each application goes through an approval process and billing information is visible to all stakeholders, facilitating enterprise communication.


The Alfresco platform enables the employee to submit leave requests in accordance with the categories provided for in the Labor Code. The limit resulting from holiday statuses is controlled, you can also assign an appropriate approval path and configure integration with the HR and payroll system. The module also allows you to download data from business trips, edit and cancel the application, enter leaves in the leave plan or view the leave calendar of employees and superiors.


The module allows employees and supervisors to add various types of employee absences, including sick leave, parental leave or exemption from the obligation to work. The system sends notifications with information about necessary applications. It is possible to configure the automatic start of the absence process, which is triggered by an SMS sent by the employee to the Customer’s telephone number indicated for this purpose.

HR reports

The Alfresco platform, based on the data collected in the Alfresco HR modules, enables the generation of reports that facilitate the control of the correctness of settlements with the employee and supports managers in cost control. Examples of reports that can be generated: settlement of working time, hours worked broken down into units, filling in records, leave status, overtime costs, staff shortages. During the implementation, the reports are adapted to the client’s needs.

Support for payslips

The payslips service consists in providing employees via Alfresco with reports containing payroll data from HR and payroll systems. Report parameters can be adapted to the customer’s needs, and the printout view can be brought closer to existing templates. The register view for the supervisor also includes the ability to filter data.