Document transformations

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The Alfresco platform provides functionality for self-creation of templates, generating PDF documents based on them, and managing both templates and generated documents. The document is completed on the basis of attributes – text fields – created in the template and defined in the program. Their value is completed when generating the document. It is possible to create a combination template that consists of a list of other templates. Each template can be assigned static elements, such as a logo, header or footer, which are added when the document is generated. The system makes it possible to assign specific conditions to individual attributes, after which validation of data correctness will be carried out at the stage of document generation.

The user receives predefined views that enable the management of system functionalities. These include a register of templates, template details, a repository of generated documents or parameterization of variables. There is also a retention policy that allows you to set a time after which generated documents will be automatically deleted.

You can use 6 file formats to define templates in the system:

  • PDF – the simplest template format, cannot contain dynamic content,
  • DOCX – may contain single-valued attributes,
  • ODT – may contain single-valued attributes,
  • XLSX – may contain single-valued attributes,
  • JRXML – may contain single-valued attributes and attributes that are a list of values,
  • FTL – can contain arbitrarily complex attributes.