Archiving support

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The Alfresco platform greatly facilitates the process of archiving paper documents. In the case of incoming correspondence, it is possible to mark documents with barcodes. Then, after scanning and sending the document to the system in electronic form, the further process of document circulation takes place electronically. A paper document can be stored in special binders, preserving the order and list of barcodes contained in a given collection. When the binder is full, it can be moved to the archive, preserving information about the content – all documents contained in it are assigned to it. In the case of documents that do not require archiving, the original is scanned and handed over to the responsible person. The system may store information about the physical location of the original document.

In the case of correspondence sent electronically, it is archived as an e-mail message with an attached document sent to the recipient’s e-mail address.

The Alfresco platform can also be used as an archive of other types of documents, not just correspondence. It is possible to create a repository of contracts, orders or procedures in the company. In each case, the administrator has the ability to grant permissions to the appropriate areas, advanced filtering is also available to facilitate searching through a large number of documents.