Pre-implementation analyses

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Pre-implementation analysis is a process that allows you to understand the customer’s needs and determine business requirements before starting the system implementation. As part of the analysis before the implementation of the Alfresco Platform, we try to collect as much information as possible about the organization in which the system is to be launched in order to be able to adjust the assumptions to the individual needs of the client and provide the greatest possible added value.

During the pre-implementation analysis, our specialists perform a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and requirements as well as the processes taking place in the organization in order to be able to identify the goals and expectations related to the implementation of new software. Based on the collected information, documentation and descriptions of business processes for implementation are prepared, and the most important difficulties that will be eliminated thanks to the implementation of the Alfresco platform have been identified.

Pre-implementation analysis is a key stage in the process of implementing a new system, because it allows you to determine the appropriate approach to the project and plan activities that will have the greatest impact on increasing work efficiency. Based on the analysis, we can offer recommendations for adapting the Alfresco system to the individual needs of the client, such as modification of business processes or selection of appropriate modules.

An important element of the pre-implementation analysis is also determining the budget and schedule for the implementation of the Alfresco system, which allows for effective planning of work and preventing unforeseen delays. Thanks to this, the client can be sure that the implementation of the new system will meet his expectations and will contribute to increasing the efficiency of work in the organization.