A printer for the Alfresco Community

Alfresco Community Printer allows you to send any content from any software that supports printing. The printout in the form of a document will be placed in the Alfresco Community. The printer is installed on the user’s computer as a virtual printer, so it is visible to every program on the user’s computer as a different printer, and there is no need for any additional steps for any user program to submit the results of its work for the Alfresco community. It can be any content or its fragment. If the software can print something on paper, it can also put it in the Alfresco community. In addition, such content may:

  • Be described using specific attributes when printing,
  • Start a specific process with an optional display of an activated task window where the user enters the desired parameters,
  • Trigger a specific action in the Alfresco community,
  • Trigger a specific action in another organization system that is properly integrated with Alfresco Community.