Claims handling

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Claims handling is one of the many uses of the Alfresco platform. Creating workflows and approval schemes streamlines the retrieval and management of large document collections. An example claim process might include the following steps, but each implementation is tailored to the specific needs of your business:

  • Acceptance of the complaint – filling in the complaint form by the user along with the necessary data. Validation rules, mandatory fields and mandatory attachments can be created for this process, which makes it impossible to consider an incomplete application,
  • Application verification – assignment to the appropriate user or team verifying the application. Verification may include, for example, checking whether the application is complete and contains all necessary information,
  • Complaint analysis – employees responsible for complaint analysis evaluate the complaint in terms of its legitimacy and create a response,
  • Response to the complaint – based on the results of the complaint analysis, authorized employees decide on the response to the notification. The response may include resolving the problem, providing information, forwarding the complaint for further consideration or rejecting the complaint. Acceptance paths and individual activities are adapted to the rules prevailing in a given company,
  • Complaint archiving – after considering the complaint, the Alfresco system stores information about the complaint in electronic form. In this way, it is possible to search and retrieve information about the complaint later.

All these stages of claims handling are carried out with the use of tools and functions available on the Alfresco platform, which enables users to effectively and integratedly manage the claims handling process. This contributes to improving the quality of services and increasing customer satisfaction.