Document flow automation

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Automation of document flow built on the Alfresco platform enables the transfer and processing of documents in the organization. Automation of these processes eliminates errors and shortens document processing time, which improves business processes and increases work efficiency. Documents can be entered into the system using the built-in OCR. For repeated correspondence, you can create rules for automatic classification and sending to the right people. Document processing enables sensitive data to be tagged and masked. Using previously used rules, the system can create rules for prompting the next person in the process.

The document flow automation process on the Alfresco platform may include the following stages:

  • Adding a document to the system,
  • Verification of documents,
  • Assignment to a person in the process,
  • Verification and acceptance by the responsible person,
  • Continuation of document processing at different stages,
  • Completion of the process and further actions with the approved document (e.g. sending to the financial and accounting program, sending to the HR system, archiving).