Handling the delegation process

Registration and acceptance of the business trip order

On the Alfresco platform, a delegation can be registered by both the employee going on a business trip and his/her supervisor. The fields completed in this form can be adapted to the rules prevailing in a given organization, they are also compliant with the Labor Law. The form can be linked to other documents, e.g. indicate a contract for the use of a private car for business purposes. It is also possible to indicate the division of the cost into departments, which facilitates subsequent posting. The delegation document goes through the approval process built in the organization. In the case of repeated trips to the same place, it is possible to create a document template, which speeds up the submission of the application.

Preparation of documents and settlement of business trips

From the delegation application, you can print a document that supports later settlement. On the basis of the rates entered and the number of kilometers in the Business trips module, the amounts to be settled are calculated. The method of conversion is compliant with the law. In the event of legal changes, the algorithms may be updated. In the case of a means of transport other than a car, the employee has the option of supplementing the costs on the basis of tickets. The form can be created in such a way that it requires attaching a document confirming additional expenses related to the billed business trip. The form of payment data informs whether the employee is entitled to a refund in connection with the payment from private funds.

Accounting of the delegation

The Alfresco platform enables employees of the Accounting Department to control the flow of the document after sending the settlement by an employee who is on a business trip. The settlement can be accepted, booked and sent for financial settlement, and in case of doubt, the document can be rejected or sent to the employee for completion. The details of document circulation are each time adapted to the rules prevailing in a given organization.