Check out What the Innovative Automation Platform for Creating Smart Applications from BeOne Offers!

The BeOne workflow system is now a platform containing all the best open source tools to build a solution for any business problem. The main task of the built solutions is to automate the processing of documents within the processes and the flexibility of the application. These goals can be achieved by using model-driven components such as:

  • Document Repository (ECM)
  • Process engine (BPM)
  • Decision engine (DRL)
  • Rules handling (DMN)
  • Case management (CMMN)
  • Document transformations
  • Search and reporting
  • Authorizations and privilege management
  • Forms and user interface wizards
  • Integrations with other systems

One complete solution

Each component is extremely important and each has a huge impact on the efficiency of the entire platform. Therefore, from the very beginning, during the development of the system architecture at BeOne, we selected the best components on the market to prepare a system that would be a platform for digital operations for our customers. We also assumed the possibility of changing individual components according to customers’ expectations and the possibility of expanding and maintaining them independently.

The result is an open platform composed only of the best open source projects, running as microservices. It is extremely efficient, integrated and provides one complete solution. It doesn’t matter if high process efficiency or a huge repository is required, we are able to handle all these challenges and support any business area. The components used are open-licensed, unrestricted and fully supported by BeOne.

System architecture

  • Search Services – A service for building both complex records including data from documents and processes, but also full-text document searches using ranked results. If necessary, data can be used from the data warehouse or Business Intelligence systems.
  • Transform Services – This service for demanding and long-lasting operations, is completely stateless and can be scaled up as desired (up to 100 instances can be run as needed, resulting in the processing of about 100 transformations simultaneously). It also supports error handling. This service is responsible for document conversion and generation.
  • Integration Services – Provides prepared integration components with other systems support the acquisition of documents from emails, scanners, government boxes (e-delivery, KSeF) and sending documents by email, generating printouts, sharing documents, saving to domain systems including ERP and CRM. To streamline document preparation, integration with MS Office, Google Docs or ChatGPT, among others.
  • Workflow Services – This is a workflow management and service orchestration environment in accordance with BPMN and CMMN. High performance, full monitoring and exception handling provide support for any complex processes.
  • Content Services – A document management service that provides excellent performance for large volumes, auditability and data model flexibility.
  • Rule Services – Helps centralize knowledge by separating applications from dynamic logic. Supports declarative programming to lay out understandable rules. The engine provides high-performance processing comparable to program code execution.

Unified user database

Each component of our system uses a unified user and group database, enabling comprehensive access and privilege management, and supports full integration with popular authorization methods including single sign-on. This guarantees consistency and efficiency in the security area.

Dynamic user interface

The use of the ADF component environment for building forms and user interfaces makes it possible to realize all elements even as separate applications. ADF, based on Angular, allows the interface to be embedded on any device, minimizing the work of maintaining a single code and ensuring easy scalability.

Low-code wizards

Ready-made low-code wizards allow you to prepare process models, rules, documents, user interfaces, integration with other systems, registries and many other elements of the entire solution without programming.

An open, scalable and containerized solution for everyone

The entire system is a complete solution that is not only open, scalable and containerized, but also developed by a huge community around the world and deployed in major organizations. For analysts, architects and ultimately ordinary users as well, the ability to achieve full customization is a key element in the success of many projects not achievable in monolithic systems. That’s why all the features of the BeOne solution are available through a clear and transparent API allowing you to also build dedicated components embedded in other systems.

Award-winning solution

BeOne was awarded the prestigious Gold Bit award at the annual EOIF GigaCon Summit in 2023 for its automation platform for creating intelligent applications. This unique award confirms not only the innovation, but also the effectiveness of our platform. Receiving this award is motivation for our team to continuously improve and deliver the highest quality solutions. It is also a token of recognition from the community and industry experts, proving that our solution is not only in line with expectations, but also stands out from other innovative projects.