Workflow invoice processing in production company

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The production company is entering a period of dynamic development. Development requires many investments related to increasing production. It turns out that the control of the huge number of invoices issued between the company and its subcontractors is getting weaker and weaker. More and more often it happens that a company has to pay interest for invoices not paid on time, penalties for not paying tax on time. Large amounts of documents and forced greater decision-making decentralization cause that the company begins to appear random, unjustified expenses. This is possible due to the lack of proper control over the acceptance of incoming invoices to the organization. During the company’s dynamic boom, many problems went unnoticed.

Finally, it was decided that it was time to organize the area of ​​invoice circulation in the organization. Due to the scale of operations, it was impossible to maintain a paper circulation of cost invoices within the company. After consultation with an external system provider, it was decided to implement a comprehensive electronic circulation of cost invoices.

The main goal set for the implementation company was one – to design and implement a system that would guarantee the implementation of the circulation of cost invoices in accordance with the developed scheme of the organization’s functioning and would allow to control compliance with the deadlines for payment of invoices and settlement of taxes. An additional goal is to use a global platform, which will give the organization a guarantee of platform development and the security of sensitive information processed on it.

The implementation of the project lasted 4 months. As part of the project, the solution provider designed, together with the client’s representatives, a model of the cost invoice circulation process. On this basis, a workflow was launched in the IT system on the Alfresco Community platform. As part of the implementation, integration with the financial and accounting system was prepared. After the system testing period, the organization transferred the internal circulation of cost invoices to the Alfresco Community system and the paper circulation was completely abandoned.

The goals set for the contractor have been achieved. The report on the functioning of the system presented a picture of the timely circulation of invoices and meeting their payment deadlines. It turned out that the implementation of the Workflow system reduced the amount of unjustified, often accidental expenses to zero, which were no longer possible while maintaining the authorization matrix.

Currently, the company is implementing further workflows within the system.