Process Optimization in the Telecommunications Industry: System for Efficient Customer Contract Handling

Our main objective was to reduce the cost of handling customer contracts and simplify architectural complexity by creating a single, central and flexible system dedicated to handling electronic documents and preparing the process of creating a contract document for B2C customers based on parameterized templates.

Our solution includes:

  • Process Centralization: The system centralizes key processes such as generating, archiving, encrypting, digitally signing and sending documents, creating a consistent platform for handling electronic documents.
  • Flexible Document Templates: With various forms of templates (DOCX/ODT/Jasper/PDF/FTL) and the ability to define dynamic attributes, our solution provides the tools to customize documents to meet specific needs.
  • Intuitive Document Generation Process: Users can easily complete attributes manually or via JSON file, making the document generation process fast and intuitive.
  • Advanced Repository: Alfresco’s repository not only stores documents, but also enables efficient sharing, ensuring data security and availability.
  • Intelligent Template Processing: The Camunda system is responsible for intelligent template processing and rule management, reducing process execution time.

Our solution is a step forward in the areas of operational efficiency and innovation. Discover a new dimension in handling customer contracts – choose our flexible solution, tailored to your unique needs.