Correspondence service

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Implementation of the system to handle the circulation of correspondence brings a number of benefits to the company, both in the area of ​​communication and the quality of work performed. Reducing or even eliminating paper circulation results in faster delivery of correspondence to addressees within the company, and thus acceleration of business processes, decision-making, payment settlement issues, which directly affects the reduction of unnecessary costs (interest on unpaid invoices or unjustified expenses).

Incoming correspondence can be scanned and automatically sent within the organization. This applies to both incoming paper mail and electronic correspondence. E-mail correspondence is registered and unnecessary attachments are removed. The system allows you to combine documents with cases, which gives a full picture of the status of implementation, a transparent path of approval and decisions made in individual cases. The Alfresco platform enables the handling of incoming correspondence by many law firms in a given organization. Part of the document data can be downloaded from external systems – e.g. contractor data from the financial and accounting program database based on the NIP number.

The correspondence handling module also includes outgoing mail. This speeds up the work of employees responsible for preparing correspondence for shipment. It is possible to connect the Alfresco platform with the e-sender system of Poczta Polska and automatic registration in the case of letters sent by traditional means. It also allows you to generate billing statements with Poczta Polska, including ordered shipments. The module includes support for mail merge – it is possible to download values ​​from an XLS file and support electronic correspondence, which includes archiving an email with attachments.