Correspondence service

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Implementation of a system to handle the circulation of correspondence brings a number of benefits to the company, both in the area of communication and quality of work. Reduction or even elimination of paper circulation results in faster delivery of correspondence to addressees inside the company, and thus acceleration of business processes, decision-making, payment settlement issues, which directly affects the reduction of unnecessary costs (interest for unpaid invoices or unjustified expenses).

Incoming correspondence can be scanned and automatically forwarded within the organization, at the same time the ability to create and manage archives of these documents is provided. This applies to both incoming paper mail and electronic correspondence. E-mail correspondence is recorded, and unnecessary attachments are deleted. The system allows linking documents with cases, which provides a complete picture of the status of implementation, a clear path of approval and decisions made in individual cases. Alfresco’s platform makes it possible to handle multiple registries simultaneously and their incoming correspondence in an organization. Thanks to integration with systems containing registers of contractors, part of the document data can be retrieved from external systems – for example, contractor data from the database of the Finance and Accounting program on the basis of NIP.

The correspondence handling module also includes outgoing mail. This speeds up the work of employees responsible for preparing correspondence for mailing. The Alfresco platform allows integration with the systems of courier companies and the e-sender system of the Polish Post Office, which allows, for example, automatic registration of dispatched letters. It also allows to generate billing statements covering ordered shipments. The module includes support for serial correspondence – it is possible to download values from an XLS file, and support for electronic correspondence, which includes archiving of an e-mail with attachments.

The user interface is designed with the specifics of working in an organization in mind, providing intuitive operation and quick access to all functions. The system also provides adequate security to ensure the confidentiality of documents and restrict access to authorized users only. Our system enables efficient management of outsourced tasks and monitoring of their completion. Users can track project progress and deadlines, allowing for efficient time and resource management. Integration with document registers and workflow processes is another advantage of our system. This makes it possible to automate many processes, such as handling complaints, which speeds up and streamlines the organization’s daily work.