Check out How We’re Linking the National e-Invoice System to the Alfresco Repository

In today’s era of digital transformation, we have managed to make an effective integration of systems, taking the handling of e-Invoices to a new level by using the Alfresco platform. Our solution not only automates processes, but also provides comprehensive tools for managing electronic documents.

Communication Process: The integration of KSeF with the Alfresco repository allows the automatic retrieval and archiving of invoices, while creating an efficient communication bus. The Alfresco repository acts as a central communication point, enabling interaction with various systems within the organization, all based on RabbitMQ/Kafka queue technology, ensuring fast and secure exchange of information.

Communication Scope: The extensive scope of communication includes functions for issuing and receiving invoices, periodic verification of the correctness of document retrieval, as well as validation of the compliance of sent invoices with the KSeF standard.

Solution Architecture: The solution’s innovative architecture is based on advanced components, such as an application running on the SpringBoot framework for document retrieval, an Alfresco message retrieval repository, a Camunda rule handling system, an Angular access application, a standalone RabbitMQ queuing system, application metrics using Prometheus, a dedicated database, an invoice processing system, template management and invoice generation using Promen, and an NFS protocol for simultaneous reading and writing from multiple sources.

Invoice Classification and Rules from Camunda: The Camunda system enables efficient classification of invoices and definition of decision rules according to the DMN standard. With decision tables and friendly expression language, the classification process becomes flexible and intuitive.

Document Repository: All documents related to the invoicing process are archived in Alfresco’s document repository, while providing secure access and integration with external systems through Alfresco’s API.

System Notifications: The system generates notifications to inform users of significant events, such as KSeF unavailability, errors in the invoice prevalidation process, or processing delays.

User Interface: Intuitive user interfaces based on Alfresco Developer Framework using the latest version of Angular enable easy navigation and operation of the system.

Access to KSeF: The system provides secure and efficient access to e-Invoices through an API, authenticated with a key that is generated with a certificate. This gives users the security and convenience of KSeF functions.

Security: the security of the system is based on user authentication using Keycloak technology and encrypted communication using certificates.

Bring your organization into the era of effective system integration with e-Invoicing by choosing our innovative solution. Adapt to the demands of the modern digital world while achieving efficiency, security and flexibility..