We are improving communication with ePUAP through the Alfresco Platform!

ePUAP is an ICT platform that enables unified and standardized communication between public entities and businesses. Thanks to our integration with ePUAP, businesses can automate the processes of sending and receiving documents, and all correspondence is certified with an official acknowledgment of receipt (UPO), equivalent to a traditional postal advice note. Integration with the system is based on an advanced API, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

The main benefits of integration with ePUAP through the Alfresco platform include:

  • Automatic Receipt of ePUAP Documents – Configuration of the e-Chancellery allows automatic receipt of documents in electronic form from ePUAP, eliminating the need for manual operations.
  • Intuitive Retrieval and Storage of Correspondence – Documents available from ePUAP are retrieved and stored in the e-Chancellery document repository, making document management easy and transparent.
  • Integrated ePUAP Mailbox Addresses – Our solution allows you to integrate the addressee register, making it easy to receive documents and forward them to the appropriate mailboxes.
  • Confirmation of Receipt (UPO) in the ePUAP System – The system automatically informs ePUAP that correspondence has been received, confirming it with the appropriate Official Confirmation of Receipt (UPO).
  • Effective Monitoring and Reporting – Our integration allows you to monitor and report downloads from the ePUAP system, providing information about the correctness of queries and the number of documents downloaded. In case of any errors, the system will provide relevant information.

Try a modern solution that improves the area of communication with ePUAP through our integration with the Alfresco platform. By choosing our solution, you open the door to efficiency, precision and full security in correspondence management.