Effective Management of Electronic Correspondence with the e-Delivery System and Alfresco Platform.

In today’s world of electronic communication, the e-Delivery System provides a solution to replace the traditional registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Our innovative approach streamlines the process of sending documents electronically, while guaranteeing full security of transmitted information. Through the use of an advanced API interface, integration with the Alfresco platform becomes easy and efficient.

Key elements of integration with e-Delivery through the Alfresco platform include:

  • Automatic Document Receipt – Our platform allows you to configure your law firm to automatically receive documents sent directly from e-Delivery. Gain confidence that your documents are securely delivered.
  • Intuitive Retrieval and Storage of Correspondence – Documents available in the e-Delivery system are retrieved and stored in the e-Office document repository. The process is optimized for convenience and efficiency.
  • Efficient Correspondence Sending – The integrated document registry in the Alfresco platform enables the efficient sending and saving of outgoing correspondence from the e-Office system to the e-Delivery system.
  • Intelligent Address Integration – Our solution enables the integration of the registry with the electronic addresses of e-Deliveries institutions/contractors, which facilitates the efficient transfer of documents to the appropriate mailboxes.
  • Quick Informing of Receipt of Correspondence – With Alfresco integration, our system automatically informs e-Deliveries of receipt of delivered correspondence, providing comprehensive tracking of the status of mailings along with UPOs.

Try modern solutions and revolutionize your electronic correspondence management. Choose the e-Delivery System and the Alfresco platform to experience a new dimension of efficient document handling!